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The Thar Situation In Pakistan

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In 2017 till April 124 children have died in Thar due to hunger and lack of medical facilities. In 2016, total fatalities of children in Tharparkar touched 479, of which 404 died in district headquarters Mithi.

Parents of the ailing children complained of a lack of facilities in the government hospitals as well as the indifferent attitude of doctors, nursing staff and paramedics.

As many of them are poverty-stricken, the parents said they could not afford to pay a sum as big as Rs7,000, the approximate fuel cost for one trip to the nearest hospital outside Thar.

Health officials further told a local news publication that they have referred 160 children to hospitals outside the desert region but they could not confirm whether those children survived or not.

When asked about the prime cause of these deaths, the officials said the wells in remote villages have dried up, which is forcing people, adults and minors alike, to consume contaminated water, causing illnesses that can be fatal.


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flood in pakistan

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